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Here The Recipe To Make Gulab Jamun That I Make Myself

For The Gulab Jamun Dough Ingredients.

100gram Milk Powder 100gram Ghee/Butter(I Use Ghee It's More Taste) 25gram Wheat Flour 2 Teaspoon Yogurt 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/2 Baking Soda Cooking Oil

Syrup Sugar For Gulab Jamun Ingredients.

100gram Sugar 1 Teaspoon Rose Water/Esen Rose 400ml Of Water A Bit Of Turmeric If Needed

Step To Make Gulab Jamun.

Step 1 -Combine Milk Powder,Wheat flour,Ghee or Butter,Yogurt,Salt and Baking Soda into the container and knead untill smooth.If The Dough is too hard can be added a little yogurt and if the dough too soft can be added a little wheat flour.

Step 2 -Make A circle approximately into 2-3cm in diameter not too big because the dough will expand when fried if the sticky dough can use a little oil on the hand.

Step 3 -Put the dough spheres into tray and cover using napkin cloth or white clean cloth.Let stand for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Step 4 -While waiting,make a sugar syrup by way of Sand sugar,rose water or Esen rose and a bit turmeric if needed and water into the pan.

Step 5 -Cook untill boiling and the sugar syrup slightly thickens as the water slightly decrease.Lift and set aside.

Step 6 -Heat oil over medium heat,fry the dough round untill fluffy and float and change colour to brownish.(Note the amount of fire,if the dough is not fully fluffy by already brownish means the fire we use is too big)

Step 7 -When baking dough back and forth to mature evenly and not burnt

Step 8 -After gulab Gulab turn into brownish means the sigh is ripe.Remove and serve with sugar syrup

Step 9 -Serve after the input in the refrigerator or when it is still hot.(Suit one's taste)

Step 10 -Enjoy Your Gulab Jamun And Have A Nice Day😘